The Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday – {Our Party Ideas}

Over the week-end — I helped my good friend set up a few items for a 1st Birthday party for her sweet little guy.  She chose The Very Hungry Caterpillar theme based on this book here.  This is a super adorable fun theme for a first or second birthday.


I wanted to share a few pictures with you for ideas we used — I was very lucky to find fabulous ideas by searching around the web and wanted to share how we put our spin on this fun birthday party idea.  🙂


If you are familiar with the story of the book you will recognize that she used all of the foods that the caterpillar ate throughout the week including apples, pears, plums, watermelon, oranges, salami, swiss cheese, pickles, lollipops, and cherry sours (for cherry pie)…..


vhc food labels page 1

These Food Tags were the perfect addition to the Food Table.  It always adds a fun touch when you add food cards with the name of the food item it’s representing.  We downloaded them free over at Polka Dots and Puppy Tails (found here)

We printed on white card stock cutting out each set, taped on a wooden skewer to the back of the card and inserted the skewer into the item it represented. Worked like a charm.


The birthday boy’s mom was pretty creative with the ideas for items just like these two in the picture below.  She used Cherry Sour candies and Cupcake rings to represent these two days. The cupcake rings were also given out the each child when leaving the party as an additional party favor.



We decorated a lattice wall with a Happy Birthday Banner (found here) and tons of sweet pictures of the birthday boy.  We clipped the pictures on the lattice using plain ole clothespins. (super easy)


All of these fabulous pictures of the birthday boy were taken by Hanna Marie Photography.



The cake was created by a family friend.  The birthday mom found a few ideas on Pinterest and he did his thing.  It was definitely the most talked about food item. To make the caterpillar on top he used a bundt cake cut in half.  Did you spot the Smash Cake on the top also?.  It was made to take off easily when it was time to sing and blow out the candle.  Taa Daa!  Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!! 🙂


My friend really wanted a hi chair banner and this is what I came up with.  I saw one similar online and put my own touches on it.  I created this entire caterpillar using my Cricut without any template — just using basic shapes to create the entire thing.  The circles for the head and body were cut from George and Basic Shapes.  The ovals for the eyes were also cut from George and Basic Shapes.  The nose is a 3/4″ hole punch.  The legs were are a small “j” alphabet cut from The Cricut Font cartridge as well as the letters “I AM 1”.  To add a little character I punched holes using my very small hand held hole punch to various areas of the letters.  To string it all together I used wide rick rack and glued each completed section of the caterpillar to it to make a banner/garland.



For the goodie bags we found an adorable printable over at Etsy Maddie Rose Designz (click here). The bags were filled with skittles candy and gummy worms.  We used Snack Baggies for this project.

Each child received one of these adorable goodie bags, a lollipop and cupcake ring as a treat to take home.



{Links and Resources}

Food Tags (cards) – Polka Dots and Puppies

Happy Birthday banner/garland,

table clothes, napkins and caterpillar pull toy – Amazon

Goodie Bags – Maddie Rose Designz on Etsy

Photography – Hanna Marie Photography

Hi-Chair Banner created by yours truly – George and Basic Shapes and Cricut Font


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  1. Adorable decor and little guy! My son loves this book and we read it all the time 🙂

  2. What font did you use in the first image ” The Very Hungry Caterpillar”? Scribble top left to bottom right. Thank you! Great post!