Recycled Can Organizers

Sometimes during cooking or baking I come across containers that are “just too good to throw away” and so I clean them out and hoard “store” them until I find a use for them.  Just like these large chicken cans.  

So recently when I was looking for a certain clip for my hair I got so frustrated because I had all of my hair accessories in one basket and they were tangled and mixed up…..I thought to myself that I really needed to organize them a little better.  I was short on time with very little patience to make them “purty” so I quickly added some white duct tape and washi tape to each can.  Seriously this project took me less than 5 minutes.  I think it took me longer to separate all of my clips than it did to make these.  

….and 5 minutes later…..waaa laaa…

The inside of the can is clean so I am happy with the the way they are but you can definitely paint them or cover the inside if you’d like.


Have you made any good recycling craft projects lately?  Leave a link or comment and I’d love to check it out. 


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  1. I LOVE this idea!I recycled y coffee can & reused the to store my ribbon pieces and craft supplies.And I decorate them and fill them with cookies & other treats as well.
    Have a wonderful day,