Painting the Perfect {Polka-Dots} Tutorial

Polka-dots are one of my favorite designs to create.  I love them on just about everything.  I guess being the mom of two boys I must get my “girlie” time in somewhere….so I polka-dot a lot.  {smile}

I love to paint as much as I love to work with paper. 

I wanted to share a simple tutorial on how to create polka dots when creating a painting project.  This is just the way I do it and it works for me.  
I use anything with a “blunt” end to make a dot — I dip the end into fresh paint and make the dot.  My favorites to use include the ends of my paintbrushes — but just make sure it’s a blunt end.  You can also use dowels, marker tops, pencil erasers, wood spoon ends, and circle punches glued to a dowel or wooden spoon. 
For larger dots I’ve taken my 3/4″ or 1″ circle punch — punching out circles on cardboard and attached the circle to the end of a dowel or wooden spoon.  Works great!
 When making dots dip into fresh paint and then onto your project ensure you push down evenly and straight to ensure you dot is round.  Stagger your dots to get the pattern you desire.  

Here is some finished project boards.  
I used the ends of a dowel to create these dots.  

My little buddy…
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  1. very cute project

  2. Great polka dot trays and, Spencer, I love your beach ball!


  3. Awesome project!!!Super cute Beach Ball,Spencer…you did an Great job!!