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My big guy just started 1st grade and wants to take his lunch every day.  So every morning mom (that’s me) is packing his lunch to enjoy during his day.  This year I thought it would be fun to tuck a little note inside for him to see when he opens up his lunch kit.  His reading is getting better and better so I think he may be able to read some of the sweet notes mom shares.  I turned to Google to do a search for free lunch box notes and low and behold the most ADORABLE lunch box notes pop up.  And they are all complimentary (free).  YAY!  Here are a few that I downloaded for him. 🙂

Click on the source to be taken to the website to download your own sweet lunch box notes.


These adorable lunch box notes are found over at Parentella.  (My favorite is the grape joke)

Download these Lunch Box Notes from Parentella Here



Aren’t these the cutest?!

Check out Pink Ink Doodle for these cuties in boy or girl colors.



These cuties are found over at Cap Creations. Simple and yet so fun for kids.


You can also personalize these adorable lunch labels.


Compliments of World Label


These are just a few of the adorable free lunch box notes I found on the web.  Just Google “free lunch box notes” and a slew of adorable lunch box notes will pop up.  Tip: click on the Images Tab in Google and you’ll see the image that will take you directly to the website it’s at.  Simple as that.

Happy Week-end everyone and see ya soon!


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