Inking and Shading Embossed Images Video #49

Inking and shading your embossed images is super simple to do. This not only adds color but really makes your image “pop” and gives a sense of depth to your image. Here in Video #49 I will show you how I ink and shade around a pumpkin.

You can find the project Video for this cute pumpkin in Video #47 ~ Click HERE.


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  1. Thanks for leaving me a comment if you like my video’s and tutorials. This way I know someone is watching and likes them.


  2. Hey CJToo…..Your video’s are Great! Love your little pumpkin. 🙂

  3. oooOOOO… LOVE the embossing! I LOVE EMBOSSING FOLDERS!!! I’ll have to get this one …VERY PRETTY.
    Oh Tracy, I more than like your video’s/tutorials>>I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!! Your the BEST!!!

  4. I’m ALWAYS here, checking out your videos…thanks for all the hard work…we appreciate it!!!

  5. How do you store and organize those daubers so you know what color they are used for?

  6. Peggy – surprisingly they do just fine in a plastic drawer or other container. I usually have one dauber for each color I have. I use the basic colors so it works for me pretty well.