Halloween Boo-Log Party Details

Hi CJToo Friends….

Who’s in the mood for a Halloween Party? Anyone?

How about a Halloween Boo-Log Party with prizes?
I thought that would get your attention. LOL Ü

I have some super duper details to give you.

Here is how my Halloween Boo-Log Party will go…

Party Kick off (begin time): 10:00 am CST (Central Standard Time) ~ I am in Texas – USA

Party Wrap Up (end time): 1:00 pm CST (Central Standard Time)

That’s 3 full hours of CraftJunkieToo video’s, tutorials, treats and prize give-aways.

I will be online in my chatter’s box chit chatting away with any and everyone who stops by. I will be offering some prizes and getting to know my followers, guests and passers by a little better.

I understand that everyone is super busy so if you are unable to make the party I will be giving away at least one (or maybe several) prizes to those who were unable to make the party. I will be posting those prizes seperately so you are clear as to which ones you can enter to win.

Now, for my party guests, I will be offering prizes throughout the entire 3 hours. Yes, you have to be present to win some but not all. I will be posting some games, rules and how to enter to win the particular prize as we go along. If you are unable to stay the entire 3 hours – no problem I appreciate you stopping by and will give you chances to win.

I am doing this because I love crafting, scrapping, blogging, and like to be involved with my followers and visitors of my blog. You ROCK!

Still more to come…I will post the agenda and some of the prizes I will be offering and giving away.

I will be giving away an Everyday Paper Dolls cricut cartridge (donated by Provo Craft) at 1:00 pm CST. You will need to leave a comment on the post I assign for your chance to win. I will be assigning that post as the Grand Prize Post with instructions on entering. I will close the drawing for the Grand Prize at 2:00 pm CST so everyone will have 1 hour to post their chance to win the Grand Prize.

These are just a few of the details more to come tomorrow…..

Your Boo-Log Party Host…

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  1. Can’t wait!!!!! hugs, eileen

  2. I don’t know if I can make it.:( It’s going to be a really busy day. We’re going to Halloween party and I’m helping with the food. I’m going to try really hard to stop by.


  3. Your party sounds like soooo much fun! I have to finish my CWTC projects up but will stop by. I left you an award on my blog. Have fun at your awesome party!

  4. OOooo, Your getting me excited!!! I’m planning on being there the whole time HOPEFULLY!! Can’t wait.

  5. i am always busy to do this so i am going to try really hard to join in tomorrow… Laura