Elf on the Shelf Ideas ~ {Week 1}

We are off to a great start with our Elf on the Shelf “Jack”….Spencer enjoys finding Jack each morning and finding the notes he leaves for him.

I wanted to share a few ideas we did with him the first week.  With the craft show I missed a few days of “notes” but we moved him around the house.  

Jack brought back this Elf journal and hid 8 hearts around the house for Spencer to find the next morning.
Spencer LOVED the Treasure Hunt to find all 8 hearts.  He had to tape the hearts in his journal and
the next day Jack asked him to write each family member’s name on a heart, give them a hug and
tell them how much he loved them.

I decorated a spiral notebook, printed paper with journal label
and craft tape (washi tape) around the edges

right click and save to your computer — insert into a
document and print your own journal label

The morning after Spencer put up his own Christmas tree Jack was hanging
around his tree topper to let Spencer know he “approved” of his tree decorating!

Isn’t it so sweet?  Jack paying respect to Baby Jesus in the crib.
Jack also left Spencer this note…..

I’ll be back soon!

Find more ideas here:

Graphic credit: My Cute Graphics


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  1. Too Cute!!I have the same nativity set under my tree!Very CUTE!
    Enjoy your day,