Elf on the Shelf Adventures

I’m sharing a few more of our adventures with “Jack” our Elf on the Shelf.  Spencer is REALLY enjoying finding Jack every morning.  Many days Jack will leave Spencer a note of encouragement but other days Jack would forget to leave a note……and mommy would have to fill in.  It’s all working out well.    

Jack was found doodling in Spencer’s notebook.  He even left him a note.

Jack enjoys helping Spencer match his numbers with a little homework help.

Spencer was getting a little brave about getting near Jack and accidentally touched him.  He lost his magic and was sick all day requiring some TLC and time alone.  Jack’s mask is a post it note folded up and one of my black hair rubber bands to hold his mask in place.  Yes, it did the trick and Spencer was so sad that Jack was sick.

Jack is hanging out on Spencer’s tricycle.

Jack was caught reading some of Spencer’s favorite Christmas stories.

Jack was up on the shelf leaning up against our family picture.  He had a note attached that said “awww…I love this kid”.  


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  1. Too Cute!! Merry Christmas!!

    Hugs, Sheena