Cupcakes {Mix them up} – Bite Size Too!


Today I’m simply sharing a tip/suggestion when making cupcakes.  I found these {adorable} red & white polka-dot cupcake liners at Michael’s Craft Store last week.  These come together for $1.50/pkg.  I really wanted the large liners but the pkg. came with the mini ones too.  


I’m a box cake mix girl and my family has a {love} for cupcakes right now.  No recipe to share just a box of Red Velvet Cake mix by Duncan Hines and Cream Cheese Icing for the topping.  Simple enough for me.  When lining my cupcake pans this morning I decided to make a few mini {bite-size} cupcakes too.  I thought they’d be perfect for when we didn’t want shouldn’t have a whole cupcake.  LOL.  The mini cupcake may be the perfect size to deter a 5 year old little boy from grabbing a cupcake just to eat off the icing.  

Depending on how full you fill up your cupcake liners will depend how many cupcakes you’ll make out of 1 box of cake mix.  

Another tip when baking – I baked the larger ones according to box directions and the mini ones took about 15 mins. to bake.  I didn’t bake them together since the mini ones wouldn’t take as long. 

I’m a happy mom today and couldn’t wait to share this tip with you all.  So the next time you make cupcakes make a few mini ones too.  That way you can grab a bite size one when you just want a little taste. 

Happy baking {and eating} and have a super day everyone!  

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  1. Hi Tracy, I’m one to keep going back for little nibbles. When my husband finds pieces of partially eaten cookies in the container he knows right where the blame falls,Giggle, He’s always getting after me for that. I’d rather eat a single portion spread out over time rather than consume two or three portions. He just doesn’t understand my logic. I hadn’t really given alot of thought to baking the bitesize cupcakes but that makes perfect sense. Good tip! Warm Hugs,

  2. These look absolutely scrumptious and so delish!!! Makes me want to go make some right now…my co workers would love these! TFS!
    Sherrie K

  3. Hi Tracy!These are Yummy! I wish I had a few…lol.. with a cup of Coffee.lolTFS