{Coffee Filter Wreath} Tutorial


Coffee Filter Wreaths have been around for quite a while but I’ve never taken the time to make one for myself.  I love when I can take one thing and make something else out of it — so this project is right up my “crafty alley”.  When I was looking for a “base” for my project I thought of so many things I could use including a straw wreath form, styrofoam circle, form board, cardboard — just about anything that I could attach the filters to.  When I decided to work on this project I was not making an extra trip to the store for a straw wreath so I looked around the house to see what my crafty hands could use.  I had this pool noodle on my “to recycle” pile because I purchased it for Spencer’s Marble Race Track and when I cut it in the middle I got a little off center so the marbles wouldn’t roll right down the middle of the tube — {sigh} so I couldn’t use this one for his marble race track.  Anyhoo’s — I knew I’d find a use for it someday — (that’s why you see the clear tape around the form to put it back together ☺). 
Right now — I have it just as a plain wreath — but I have big plans to dress it up with burlap flowers, rosettes, felt flowers and more.  It’s the PERFECT addition to my glass hutch that I have in our dining room.  
I used tulle as a hanger — its light weight and becomes almost invisible.

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  1. OMG I love love love it! Super pretty!

  2. Love it! Lee-Ann 🙂

  3. WOW!!!This is Awesome!!TFS

  4. Great tutorial that you for sharing your wreath is really pretty!

  5. Pretty wreath Tracy, and I think it will look great dressed up for the holidays as well!!

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  7. Thanks so much for sharing this. I have been wanting to try this.