Glittered SNOW Letters || Creating Beautiful Wood Decor

Hello my blogging friends and welcome! Today I am sharing how I took some painted wood letters, added glitter to make a shimmery winter decor addition.  I hope you like them too. I like glitter BUT of course a minimal amount.  I like the look of it but do not like the mess.  I am sure most of you agree with that, right? I'd love it if you'd watch my take on decorating these letters and let me … [Read more...]

Decorating Car with Vinyl for All Stars!

::Click here for latest Linking Party ~ we'd love to see your projects!:: My nephew made the All-Star baseball team again this year and it's a tradition in the community to decorate the windows of your vehicle to support your kid.  It's - a - very - big - deal!!!Most of the people use paint but my sister just got a brand new Tahoe oh about 4-5 months ago and she said "no paint" so I put my Cricut … [Read more...]

♥ Cricut Lite Varsity Letter for Car Vinyl ♥

Hi everyone and Happy 4th of July week-end!  Here is a project I did for my sister's car using the Cricut Lite cartridge Varsity Letter. In our area All-Star baseball is HUGE and supporting our All-Star teams is a big deal so all of the parents ride around with their car windows painted up.  Last year I painted her car windows - you can see that by clicking HERE but this year I used vinyl and the … [Read more...]