How to Make a Ribbon Flag | Patriotic Home Decor

Hey guys ~ I am sharing my version of how to make a Ribbon Flag to decorate my home for 4th of July.  It was SUPER simple to make and can be SO changed up using different fabrics, laces and trims. I was totally inspired by Pinterest (click here to see my boards) and Etsy and wanted to try my hand at making one of these.  I hope my project inspires you to create one for yourself. Supplies: … [Read more...]

{Little Firecracker} Tubes – Recycle Project!

If you've been following me for a while you know that I love to recycle, repurpose, reuse stuff that would normally be thrown in the trash.  So, let me introduce you to my Little Firecracker Tubes made with paper towel tubes and scrapbook paper.  When closed on one end these tubes make the perfect pocket to fill with a yummy treat.  I think these snacks will be a big hit at my 4th of July … [Read more...]

♥ Decorate a Tin Can and Make a Pretty Gift!

I love pretty gifts, I love homemade gifts, I love recycled items I can use to make a pretty homemade gifts! :) I really do have a passion for taking items to reuse, repurpose or recycle and I hope you like my idea I am sharing today. Here are all of the supplies I used to put the can together.  I ended up not using the wide burlap ribbon but did add a couple of burlap flowers which are not … [Read more...]

♥ Mini Clipboards for 2nd Grade Economics Fair

Today I am sharing our idea for Spencer's 2nd Grade Economics Fair partly because I couldn't find a whole lot of ideas out on Google or Pinterest when I searched.  Maybe I just didn't take enough time or search the right terms.  I dunno -- I've decided to share what his idea was so it may can help someone else.  In the past I've shared my How to Make a George Washington Wig and 5th Grade Minnesota … [Read more...]

{Rustic Barbed Wire} Christmas Tree Decorations

I am so excited to show you these fabulous little rustic country Christmas decorations.  You may be thinking - what? wait? barbed wire decor?  Yes you read that correctly.  And.... I am super excited to share it with you! It all came about when my very talented father-in-law spent a little time in his workshop. He's retired and tries to come up with different designs using barbed wire, wood, … [Read more...]

DIY {Vintage Nation} Firecrackers | Repurposed Cricut Cartridge Boxes (Video Tutorial)

I am in 4th of July crafting mode right now.... and am super excited to show you my crafty project today! If you've been a follower of my blog or youtube channel for awhile you may have seen some of my ideas with repurposing cricut cartridge boxes. If I didn't tell you this was a recycled or repurposed crafty would you guess that these firecrackers were really used cricut boxes?  I am in love … [Read more...]

{Mr. Snowman} Shelf Sitter (Recycled Cricut Box Project)

Wow - am I excited to share my project with you today. I'm sharing another recycled cricut cartridge box project and this sweet little guy turned out so adorable. I've had my cricut for quite a few years and have accumulated many boxes that the cartridges come in.  The older style is made of cardboard and very sturdy.  The newer cartridge boxes are plastic and much smaller in size. I'm always … [Read more...]

{Trash to Treasure} Free E-book from Fave Crafts

One of my favorite crafts is Recycled, Repurposed or Trash to Treasure crafts.  I do love to "take this" and "make that" out of it so I was extremely thrilled when I found out that Fave Crafts offers this fabulous free e-book ~ 28 Trash to Treasure Crafts…. It's a must have….and its a free download.  Yay! "Looking for some clever ways to use up items around your home? If you have an overflowing … [Read more...]

{Valentine Gift Box} Tutorial using Recycled Cricut Cartridge Box

When I decided to take my Cricut cartridges out of the boxes and store them in a plastic containers {like these}  I kept the boxes for future projects, just like this one.  This project is made with one of the older cartridges boxes which are of heavy cardboard with a magnetic closure.  The newer Cricut cartridge boxes are plastic and snap to close.   Use what you have. :) Here is what I … [Read more...]

Recycled Can Organizers

Sometimes during cooking or baking I come across containers that are "just too good to throw away" and so I clean them out and hoard "store" them until I find a use for them.  Just like these large chicken cans.   So recently when I was looking for a certain clip for my hair I got so frustrated because I had all of my hair accessories in one basket and they were tangled and mixed up…..I thought to … [Read more...]