{Christmas Bag Tags} using Peachy Keen Faces

I know that Christmas planning and treat projects may be finished for 2013 but didn't get these tags posted before now.  I still wanted to share these with you to pin for later and/or to use as an idea for other holidays and events that are not just Christmas related.  Bring to life an ordinary, plain, boring shape by adding a sweet, cute face. I am not affiliated with Peachy Keen Stamps -- I … [Read more...]

Name Badge Tags for Stamp Storage Crates

 Hi everyone -- I'm {always} looking for an easier, more fun and creative ways to store my crafting supplies and I wanted to share with you how I store my package stamps (i.e. My Pink Stamper, Peachy Keen Stamps, Alphabets, craft store stamps & other crafty stamps) - yes, I have lots :)  I also wanted a way to identify what was inside…..so I made some cute little tags to quickly spot what … [Read more...]

Video #27 – Storage Tips for Storing Clear Stamps

Howdy!In this storage tip video I will take you step by step and show you what I use to store my clear stamps (I haven't unmounted any of my rubbers stamps yet), how I organize, label and store my stamps for easy access. This is great tips for Studio G stamps or other stamps that come in the plastic wrappers. Thanks for watching and for your feedback..... Please leave me a comment and let me … [Read more...]