{Christmas Bag Tags} using Peachy Keen Faces

I know that Christmas planning and treat projects may be finished for 2013 but didn't get these tags posted before now.  I still wanted to share these with you to pin for later and/or to use as an idea for other holidays and events that are not just Christmas related.  Bring to life an ordinary, plain, boring shape by adding a sweet, cute face. I am not affiliated with Peachy Keen Stamps -- I … [Read more...]

Creating Happy Faces Tutorial for Paper Dolls

I had some requests to post a tutorial on how I create the happy little faces on my paper dolls or painting projects. Here is a quick tutorial of the basics. If you would like more 1:1 information ~ click on the email button below or leave a comment here with your specific question and I will answer it.Creating faces are not hard....you can use PeachyKeenStamps and your stamp pad or black sharpie … [Read more...]