Paper Scraps Organization Tip

Being a paper crafter I have found a great way to organize my paper scraps so that I use them first before pulling out a new sheet. In this video I will share how I organize and store them. I've been using this technique for about 2 years and it has really saved me time and money.  I hope that it helps someone else who may have a drawer full of scraps.  :)     Sharing this … [Read more...]

Never Lose a Sock Again….

I don't know how it happens but sometimes you put two socks in the laundry and if you live in my always gets lost on its way to the washer, dryer or folding table. I know you've all been there.  Right? Well, I have a solution to share with you that I've been using for sometime and it works wonderfully for my family.  I so wish I would have thought about this years ago when my boys … [Read more...]

{This is How I} ….Keep Track of My Keys!

Happy Tuesday everyone!   This is how I am going to keep track of my keys!  YAY!   I'm here to share a quick and simple tip using a regular office supply binder clip and turning it into a key chain clip for my purse.    I was uber excited to see this on Ms. Karen's Tool Time Tuesday over at Sew Many Ways today and had to make one for myself immediately.  I am forever misplacing my keys and hate … [Read more...]

{This is How I….?} ~ Grocery Shop

Hello everyone and welcome!  For my new series I want to connect with you by sharing some of the ways I do things.  If you didn't see my post from yesterday you can see that here explaining a little more.  Thank you ALL for your sweet comments, emails and special thoughts.  I love you one and all!  xoxo!First up….. You may remember this post from earlier this year when I mentioned that 2012 … [Read more...]

{This is How I….?} Series

Hello and welcome!  Back to the Beginning. When I first started this blog back in early 2009 it was to share my projects I created using my Cricut.  I know some of readers who have been with me for a while have seen my blog posts go from paper projects using my Cricut onto a more variety of projects including anything crafty.  {See my Project Gallery here} I've been a crafter my entire life and … [Read more...]