Copic Markers Storage – Take 2 (pictures added)

When I posted my Copic Marker storage last night some of my viewers were unable to see the pictures in the post (sorry) -- so I am posting the pictures again so {hopefully} everyone can see.   If you still can't see the pictures below let me know and I'll send them to you.  :) I found these bins at Office Depot for .97 each … [Read more...]

CJToo’s Copic Marker Storage

As my Copic Marker collection grows I really needed to find a way different way to store them.  I prefer to lay them flat so I can visually see the color top and number - but I don't think storing them up or down is an issue (for marker life span).  Anyhoo's…. I've seen several bins that can be a little pricey and since I don't have a humungous selection (I have 39 and there are 345 colors) I was … [Read more...]

Cricut Cartridge Storage Solutions for Transporting – Video #31

Hi everyone, Happy Friday and remembering those who died in the 9/11 - 8 years ago today. God Bless each and everyone one of us who was touch in anyway by this tragic event in our history.Anyhoo's - I am off work today; took the day off to get ready for a Cricut Swarm tomorrow, Saturday 9/12. It's coordinated by Lori AKA TheCricutLady over at she's done a magnificent job … [Read more...]

Craft Junkie Too’s Gift Bag Storage Space

Here are just a few of my storage ideas that work for me. I am true to my matter how much I try to organize my things - it's a craft room and as my little sign on my wall says "I'm Crafty...You can't expect me to be neat too!" HA! Anyhoo's - I am fortunate to have a craft room and I will take pictures of it for you one day too - but like my husband says - If I give you an … [Read more...]