Never Lose a Sock Again….

I don't know how it happens but sometimes you put two socks in the laundry and if you live in my always gets lost on its way to the washer, dryer or folding table. I know you've all been there.  Right? Well, I have a solution to share with you that I've been using for sometime and it works wonderfully for my family.  I so wish I would have thought about this years ago when my boys … [Read more...]

Home Management Printables from {Second Place to Dream}

One of my weekly T.G.I.F. Linky Party participators is Ms. Barb from Second Chance to Dream.  She's created an abundant selection of Home Management Binder printables from household to blogging.  What a fabulous collection she has.  Click on the pictures below to check out Barb's fantabulous supply of printables and while you're there be sure to check out the rest of her blog -- she definitely has … [Read more...]

Goals for 2013 ~ Home Management Binder & 52 Weeks to Home Organization Challenge

New Year's Resolutions - blahhhh....blahhhhh...blahhhhhh!     I don't keep them so I don't make them.    At the beginning of 2012 I did set a "goal" though.  To Simplify & Organize my life -- you can see that post here.  Looking back over the year I feel really good about that goal -- I still have lots of work to do but feel I'm much more closer to it than not.  My homelife and worklife is much … [Read more...]

Bulletin Board Pocket Organization

Hi everyone!   Sorry I've been MIA from posting as much but life is very busy in the Wellmann household.   I want you to know all is well with us and thank you for visiting and sticking with me.  :) As I continue with my quest to Simplify and Organize in 2012 I recently tackled my very cluttered bulletin board and wanted to share it with you.  This bulletin board is the hub of my … [Read more...]

{After Christmas} Organization Tips!!

With Christmas over…. now begins the daunting task of putting all of those decorations away.  urgh.  I hate un-decorating.  This year I've decided to help myself out a little by organizing my christmas decor when I put it up so that next year I will be more organized.  Wish me luck!  I first saw this post over here which led me to the website offering fabulous organizational printables. … [Read more...]