{Personalized} Kids Beach Chair using Vinyl

 Turn an ordinary kid's beach chair into an extra-ordinary gift by adding a name using vinyl.  Everyone loves having their name on their “stuff”.  I guess it's a sense of ownership and letting everyone know “that’s mine!”.  ☺ Supplies kids beach chair - Wal-Mart white vinyl painters tape or transfer tape name (Caden) - Sesame Street Font - Sunny Day I cut out the name using … [Read more...]

♥ Mini Clipboards for 2nd Grade Economics Fair

Today I am sharing our idea for Spencer's 2nd Grade Economics Fair partly because I couldn't find a whole lot of ideas out on Google or Pinterest when I searched.  Maybe I just didn't take enough time or search the right terms.  I dunno -- I've decided to share what his idea was so it may can help someone else.  In the past I've shared my How to Make a George Washington Wig and 5th Grade Minnesota … [Read more...]

Baby Lion King Shower and Mini Diaper Cake Table Decoration Tutorial

My adorable friend and co-worker is expecting a sweet baby boy in January and I was so happy to help plan a shower for her to welcome this sweet blessing. The theme for this little boy's nursery is the Baby Lion King so of course that had to be the theme of the shower.  :) When I started planning the decorations I had a hard time finding downloads or individual graphics available for purchase … [Read more...]

Elf on the Shelf Notecards {from your special elf}

We have been enjoying our elf, Jack this year but I do find it challenging to come up with new and exciting things for him to do.  We are sharing The Christmas Story with our little guy and he is enjoying getting a new page everyday to read, illustrate, color and add to his folder.  Once we are finished he will have the completed story from the time the Angel, Gabriel appeared unto Mary through … [Read more...]

The Christmas Story ~ Entire Book Available with Free Printables

  As I shared in this post our Elf on the Shelf, Jack is leaving a storybook page everyday when he visits Spencer.  For 25 days Spencer (age 7) has or will receive a page that continues the story from the day before.  By Christmas Day he will have the completed story from when Mary was chosen by God to conceive His son through the Wise Men coming to see Baby Jesus in the Manager. If … [Read more...]

Elf on the Shelf ~ The Christmas Story 2013

Our Elf on the Shelf, Jack is back for 2013. Last year was the first time we had Jack and to be honest with you it became a chore to move him around, find something for him to do, (nice of course because I didn't want to give Spencer any ideas) and many nights I would forget ....thus waking up in the middle of the night and/or stressing in the morning to find a new hiding spot.  (sigh) This … [Read more...]

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday – {Our Party Ideas}

Over the week-end -- I helped my good friend set up a few items for a 1st Birthday party for her sweet little guy.  She chose The Very Hungry Caterpillar theme based on this book here.  This is a super adorable fun theme for a first or second birthday. I wanted to share a few pictures with you for ideas we used -- I was very lucky to find fabulous ideas by searching around the web and wanted to … [Read more...]

Lunch Box Notes

My big guy just started 1st grade and wants to take his lunch every day.  So every morning mom (that’s me) is packing his lunch to enjoy during his day.  This year I thought it would be fun to tuck a little note inside for him to see when he opens up his lunch kit.  His reading is getting better and better so I think he may be able to read some of the sweet notes mom shares.  I turned to Google to … [Read more...]

Printable Lenten Calendar for Kids

In my search for Lenten activities for my Sunday School class I found this Printable Lenten Calendar for Kids and thought some of my readers may enjoy it as well.  It's a great visual for kids to countdown to Easter Sunday.  It's also available in several languages.  :) click here to download this calendar Enjoy!  … [Read more...]

Pencil Valentines with [Cutie Cupid Tag] Free Printable

Creating just the "right" class valentine is hard work especially with a 6 year old little boy who has his own opinions of what he wants his valentines to look like.  I jokingly told him (but I was somewhat serious) that "your older brother never did this to me, he always liked my valentine ideas." -- ha!  He's a chip off of the old block and loves to throw out crafting ideas.  Remember his … [Read more...]