Never Lose a Sock Again….

I don't know how it happens but sometimes you put two socks in the laundry and if you live in my always gets lost on its way to the washer, dryer or folding table. I know you've all been there.  Right? Well, I have a solution to share with you that I've been using for sometime and it works wonderfully for my family.  I so wish I would have thought about this years ago when my boys … [Read more...]

How to Clean a Chalkboard

I have this chalkboard in my dining room that I like to write positive messages on for my kids to read throughout the week.  (me and hubby too).  Spencer also practices his spelling words, letters and numbers and so in short it captures quite a bit of chalk dust.  For my Thanksgiving dinner I wanted to write a Happy Thanksgiving on it (you may have spotted my chalkboard on this post) and plain … [Read more...]