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Ranch House Crock Pot Chicken

I've always used my crock pot for cooking dinners but it was mostly reserved for Sundays.  This was the day I was at home and could "be there" if something went wrong.  I don't know I guess I had this fear that if I would leave it plugged in all day when I was at work it would start a fire and burn down my house.  (silly I know). Being a blogger has opened up opportunities to find so many … [Read more...]

{Handmade & Handpainted} Valentine Home Decor

Hello everyone, I know I have been absent from blogland and for this reason.... I've been creating crafts to sell for a local furnishings store that offers its customers my one of a kind designs.  It's just a small portion of the decor items they offer but gives me an outlet to create and get my "craft on" again.  Feels so good!   So with that said I may start sharing some of the items I make … [Read more...]