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{Faux Snowballs}

I enjoyed my Winter Decor so much last year that I couldn't wait to decorate for Winter again.  Strange maybe I took down my Christmas Decor the day after Christmas (o.m.g.) ....but I was really looking forward to decorating for Winter - I really like the simplistic white, silver and shimmery colors.  There is something softening to me about the combination. :) Living in south-east Texas … [Read more...]

{Christmas Bag Tags} using Peachy Keen Faces

I know that Christmas planning and treat projects may be finished for 2013 but didn't get these tags posted before now.  I still wanted to share these with you to pin for later and/or to use as an idea for other holidays and events that are not just Christmas related.  Bring to life an ordinary, plain, boring shape by adding a sweet, cute face. I am not affiliated with Peachy Keen Stamps -- I … [Read more...]

{Country Christmas} Home Tour 2013

Here is a little peak at my Country Christmas Decor this year.... "Jack" - our Elf on the Shelf was laying across the "Naughty or Nice" blocks on Christmas Eve.  Maybe he was trying to give Spencer a message?! :) This wooden bowl is filled with a large rusty jingle bell, small tree pillows, peppermint pillows, burlap and yarn covered balls and some greenery. The Mini Rustic Burlap trees … [Read more...]

Elf on the Shelf Notecards {from your special elf}

We have been enjoying our elf, Jack this year but I do find it challenging to come up with new and exciting things for him to do.  We are sharing The Christmas Story with our little guy and he is enjoying getting a new page everyday to read, illustrate, color and add to his folder.  Once we are finished he will have the completed story from the time the Angel, Gabriel appeared unto Mary through … [Read more...]

The Christmas Story ~ Entire Book Available with Free Printables

  As I shared in this post our Elf on the Shelf, Jack is leaving a storybook page everyday when he visits Spencer.  For 25 days Spencer (age 7) has or will receive a page that continues the story from the day before.  By Christmas Day he will have the completed story from when Mary was chosen by God to conceive His son through the Wise Men coming to see Baby Jesus in the Manager. If … [Read more...]

{Burlap and Gingham Wreath}

I love burlap, checks and gingham and this combination just makes me feel so sweet inside.  It kind of looks like a peppermint candy, if you will.  :) I am a huge fan of Country Christmas decor and this projects fits in perfectly with the holiday decor around my home. I created this project in about 45 minutes once I had all of my supplies there and readily available. Supplies: 12" wire … [Read more...]

{Easy Crescent Breakfast Casserole}

I love breakfast casseroles and even more when they are as super easy as this recipe. Some breakfast casserole recipes take preplanning the night before by making it up and refrigerating the dish before baking the next morning.  I don't have time for all of that jazz so if the mood strikes to bake up a casserole I look for recipes that don't take much before planning.  It's super easy to get … [Read more...]

{Christmas Stocking} Deco Mesh Wreath

These deco mesh wreaths may look intimidating but I promise you once you get the feel of working with the mesh you can make the wreath of your dreams.  The sizes, colors and supplies are endless in today's decorating world. This project started when I found this adorable metal painted Christmas stocking at a craft show.  It is painted just like the one you see in the picture except I added the … [Read more...]

{Mini Rustic Burlap Trees}

Holiday decorating is in full swing around my home and I am really enjoying making a few decor items to add to this year's arrangements. If you visit my home you will find lots of country Christmas decor and so these mini rustic burlap trees fit in nicely. Sometimes I need just a little of "something" to add to something else in a decorating ensemble. I hope that makes sense.  :) I've seen a … [Read more...]

Elf on the Shelf ~ The Christmas Story 2013

Our Elf on the Shelf, Jack is back for 2013. Last year was the first time we had Jack and to be honest with you it became a chore to move him around, find something for him to do, (nice of course because I didn't want to give Spencer any ideas) and many nights I would forget ....thus waking up in the middle of the night and/or stressing in the morning to find a new hiding spot.  (sigh) This … [Read more...]