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Elf on the Shelf – Sharing the True Meaning of Christmas

 You may remember this post from the other day when I shared that our family would be adopting an elf this year.   Don't feel alone if you're not familiar with this tradition -- I myself only learned of it last year.   Our Elf on the Shelf arrived from the North Pole on Thanksgiving Day addressed to Spencer.  He was very excited with this little fella and quickly wanted to learn as much as … [Read more...]

Our Thanksgiving Table 2012

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday.   Our family sure did.  We had lots of good food, football and family time.  For the last several years….I have been cooking on Thanksgiving for my family (hubby and my boys) and invite my in-laws over to join us .  My parents usually travel to Louisiana for some casino time -- so I am content with not having a big family … [Read more...]

Elf on the Shelf ~ A Christmas Tradition! Linky Party

   I must have been hiding under a rock all of these years because 2011 was the first holiday season that I ever heard about the Elf on the Shelf Christmas tradition.  Yes, where have I been??  Last year….it was a little late in the season to get started so I figured I'd wait until this year to get our family a kit.  So I was thrilled when I saw them at a local shop (I paid $29.99 +tax) … [Read more...]

{Thanksgiving Burlap Banner} from Pinkie for Pink

I am most always completely amazed by the creative talent that I am so blessed to see each and every week on the  T.G.I.F. Linky Party.  I get seriously giddy, my heart races and I feel my head spinning a bit when I see everyone's wonderful projects.  Thank  you! I'd like to share this Thanksgiving Burlap Banner this week!   l.o.v.e.!! Thanks Nichole for sharing this fabulous tutorial and your … [Read more...]

[Wood Pumpkin Candle Holder] with Free Pattern

Back when I was doing craft shows -- the Fall/Christmas shows were definitely my favorite ones that I would attend.  For my Fall show I would almost always make painted wooden pumpkins (just like these) and would most always sell out quickly.  Shoppers love the 3D effect of adding realistic items to my wood crafts like the excelsior, homespun fabric and ivy for leaves.  As with this {free} pattern … [Read more...]

[Turkey Poop Mini Cups] with 8×10 Poem includes Free Printables

This post may look a little familiar but I assure you that it's a little different.  The other day I shared my version of Turkey Poop Poem with free printable [thank you for your sweet comments] and today I wanted to share a smaller variation with you.     I thought this would be a great idea to make up some of these little cups to have on the side table or dessert table for your … [Read more...]

{Turkey Poop} Tags & Goodie Bags with Free Printable

If you're looking for a cute way to liven up your Thanksgiving table, hand out treats to friends, or just get a little laugh -- here is a cute idea. Chocolate covered candies such as whoppers and milk duds work great for this treat but any chocolate candy will work. The little tag says: You invited me to dinner with your family and your friends. You didn't say I was the main dish For me it … [Read more...]

{Give Thanks Charger} Home Decor

Hi everyone!  I shared this Home Decor item over at A Rosie Sweet Home a few weeks ago and wanted to share it here on my blog also. -------------I love fall.  It's my favorite holiday/season to decorate for.  I love the combination of colors and scents of the season. I've created a home decor piece that I can use all the way through Thanksgiving and I really like the idea of having it displayed in … [Read more...]

Gratitude Turkey

      This craft was inspired by Little Family Fun   As I promised in the Burlap Foam Board post yesterday -- here is our craft we created to put on this fun board. ::Gratitude Turkey::  What a great way to get the kids involved in crafting as well as being reminded of how thankful we should be for all of our things!  It's also a great tradition to start for all … [Read more...]

{Burlap Foam Board} Tutorial

Hello my sweet friends!  Happy Monday….and the beginning of a brand new week. I wanted to share this burlap covered foam board with you….and when you see how incredibly simple it is -- you will want to make one too….(hopefully).  LOL….(I'm even going to share my boo-boo with you too).  Yep, Tracy always makes crafting boo-boos….lots of them….hehe!Spencer and I were crafting this afternoon for a … [Read more...]